2017 Public Library Budget Cuts - Lakeland Library Region

Friday, March 24, 2017

Lakeland Library Region is disappointed and dismayed by the cuts to library funding in the current provincial budget which amounts to a total of 58%. We were fearful there would be cuts, but the worst case scenario we had in our minds was 5%.  This was completely unexpected.

This loss of funding for centralized regional library services will result in a decrease to service levels, and will disproportionately affect smaller, more rural communities. Lakeland will work to minimize the impact on our communities, but this reduction is far too big to absorb, and the resulting losses will be felt across the province.

Lakeland also object’s to Provincial Government’s dismissal of the value of library services. Use of Lakeland libraries is increasing year after year. Physical collections are heavily used, as are online resources, and each brick and mortar library provides programs for children, adults, and seniors, access to and help using computers and the internet, and a safe place to meet. Libraries are the only institution left in many of our smaller communities, and the loss of them would be devastating.

Contact your MLA (template letter below) and let them know why you value your local library and that funding should be restored so we can continue to offer these important services. Lastly, be sure to fill out the petition below - your voice needs to be heard.

Contact information for your local MLA

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Sample MLA Letter and Petition

MLA Letter Template