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Lakeland Library Region - 3D Printer Services


Lakeland Library Region has a 3D Printer (Makerbot Replicator+) available for use by all patrons! Check out the FAQ's below to learn more about how you can use the 3D Printer.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Who can use the 3D Printer?

Our 3D printing services are meant for use by current Lakeland Library Region cardholders in good standing.

How do I submit my print job?

Once you have designed or downloaded a 3D model, please submit your requests to the following email (Don’t forget to attach the file)

How much does a print job cost?

All print jobs under 20 grams have a base cost of $5.00, after which a fee of $0.25 per gram will be charged. (printing jobs are charged by weight)  As mentioned above, staff will be in contact with you to review the print job and confirm final pricing before printing your object.

How do I pay for my print job?

Payment will be made at your local branch library. An invoice will be sent to you, please print this out and submit along with your payment to your local branch library.

How long does it take to print something?

As you may know, 3D print jobs can take a considerable amount of time before completion. Objects are printed by layering thin strings of plastic on top of one another. Thus, it is normal for an object to take 4-5 hours to complete. Keep this in mind and depending on demand it may be difficult to determine when your print job will be completed. If you would like to inquire into the status of your print job please contact

What formats do you accept?

We can take STL and OBJ formats, please send your files by email to Staff will be in contact with you to review the print job and confirm final pricing before printing your object.

Where can I find sample print jobs?

There are multiple websites you can use for ready-to print designs. We recommend using the service Thingiverse for ease of use and the wide variety of designs available.

What sort of printing programs can build 3D files?

For beginners we advise using the program Tinkercad, which is a free web-based program that can help you make a variety of shapes.

For more advanced designs you can look into software such as Sculptris or Blender.

What colours do I have to choose from?

We try to stock 9 different colours – black, purple, green, red, orange, beige, white, grey and blue.

What happens if my object cannot be printed or errors occur in the print job?

Due to the shortcomings of 3D printing technology, it is not uncommon for print jobs to fail or have anomalies. You may be asked to make modifications to the 3D design before we print. Lastly, you will not be charged for any failed print jobs.

How long will you hold my print job?

You have 30 days to pick up your print, after which it will be recycled. We will do our best remind you to pick up your print job. If you cannot pick up your item within this timeframe please contact us to make alternative arrangements.

Where can I pick up my print job?

You will be able to pick up your print job at your local branch library.

What is the maximum print size I can print?

The object you are printing must fit within the parameters of our printer - 25 L x 18 W x 15 H. You must also take into consideration the estimated printing time – certain projects may be rejected if they take too long to print.

Is there anything I cannot print?

Yes we will not print items deemed dangerous or inappropriate. This includes (but is not limited to) items under copyright, items to be used for food or drug-related purposes, and any items that could be used as weapons.