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The traitor's game

Published 2019
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Kestra Dallisor has spent the last three years in exile, but that does not stop her from being drawn back into the web of her father's dangerous politics. He's second-in-command to the despotic and seemingly immortal king, Lord Endrick. With his arsenal of Ironheart soldiers and vicious condors, Endrick rules the land of Antora with a cruel and bloody fist. Her father's position makes Kestra a valuable bargaining chip, which a group of rebels understands all too well--and they snatch Kestra from her carriage as she reluctantly travels home. The kidnappers want her to retrieve the Olden Blade, a lost dagger they believe is the only weapon that can kill the power-mad king. But Kestra is not the obedient captive they expected. One of the rebels, Simon, struggles to fulfill his orders as Kestra attempts to foil their plans by any means necessary. As motives shift and secrets emerge, both Simon and Kestra will have to question what it is--and who it is--they're fighting for.

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