Crinoline cowboys : 4 Southern women head West to Crinoline Creek, Texas
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A Cowboy of Her Own, by Patty Smith Hall : Bookish southern belle Madalyn Turner knows what she wants-- to be a cowboy and own a Texas ranch. But books are far different from real life and soon she realizes she needs help. Josephine's Dream, by Cynthia Hickey : An inexperienced Southern belle and a ranching widower must overcome their two very different lifestyles and find a way to work together. Neither of them expected to fall in love. When danger strikes, will they find out that love is worth the price? Love's Cookin' at the Cowboy Café, by Marilyn Turk : A refined but feisty southern belle inherits a saloon she plans to convert into a genteel café. Even though her lack of cooking skills threatens disaster, she rejects the town banker's advice. What will happen when the two lock horns and an unlikely romance simmers on the back burner? Bea Mine, by Kathleen Y'Barbo : Preferring his horse and hound dog to human company, the sheriff's soldier brother is not happy when he's left in charge of the jail and the talkative woman awaiting trial. Has the Lord moved to change his mind about the course of his life, or will the little lady win his heart and her freedom?

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Cowboys -- Fiction.
Man-woman relationships -- Fiction.
Texas -- Fiction.
Historical fiction.
Religious fiction.
Other Authors:
Hall, Patty Smith. Cowboy of her own.
Hickey, Cynthia. Josephine's dream.
Turk, Marilyn. Love's cookin' at the Cowboy Café.
Y'Barbo, Kathleen. Bea mine.
9781643522418 (trade paperback)
443 pages ; 22 cm
A cowboy of her own / by Patty Smith Hall
Josephine's dream / by Cynthia Hickey
Love's cookin' at the Cowboy Café / by Marilyn Turk
Bea mine / Kathleen Y'Barbo.
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