The coronavirus preparedness handbook : how to protect your home, school, workplace, and community from a deadly pandemic
—Pennington, Tess, author.
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The Coronavirus Preparedness Handbook by Tess Pennington will prepare you for whatever may happen in your region. Find life-saving information, including everything you need to know about: Preparing for quarantine; when to release someone from isolation, choosing face masks, respirators, and gloves; creating a medical supply chest; boosting your immune system; stocking your pantry; sanitation tips; communicating during lockdown; preparing your community and schools; and more! From a description of the virus and how to prevent yourself from getting the virus to the supplies you should have in your house in case of a lockdown, this book will prepare you for all possibilities.

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x, 206 pages : illustrations ; 21 cm
Includes bibliographical references.
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Responding to COVID-19: A Once-in-a-Century Pandemic? By Bill Gates
How This Book Will Help
Chapter 1: Just the Facts
Origin of Coronavirus
How Do You Catch the Coronavirus?
What Coronavirus Is Not and the Misinformation Surrounding COVID-19
Symptoms of the Coronavirus
What Exactly Does COVID-19 Do to a Person?
Emergency symptoms for CHILDREN
Emergency symptoms for Adults
Mortality Rate and Morbidity Rate: Why Are They So Important?
Viral Mutations
Recovery Times
Which Is Deadlier: The Flu Or Coronavirus?
What the Princess Cruises Can Teach Us About COVID-19
Chapter 2: Pandemics: What Are They and What Can We Expect
What Are Pandemics
What Is an Epidemic?
What Is a Cluster?
What Is an Outbreak?
What Is a Pandemic?
What Is a Cytokine Storm?
What We Can Learn from Historical Pandemics
How The CDC Measures Pandemic Events
Pandemic Waves and Measuring Disease Progression
What Makes Coronavirus a Pandemic
Community Spread: What to Expect with Coronavirus
How Will the Federal, State, and Local Governments Respond?
Censorship of Information
FEMA Response Plans
The Final Rule for Control of Communicable Diseases
Societal Impact
Could There be a Run on Financial Markets?
A Breakdown of Law and Order
Travel Lockdown
An Overwhelmed Healthcare System
Medical Bills and Deductibles Could Be Massive
Electricity, Water, Sewage, Sanitation, and Internet Failures
It Can Happen All At Once
Chapter 3: Quarantine and Isolation
What to Expect During a Quarantine
Family Quarantine at Home
What to Expect During Isolation at a Medical Facility
Effects of Isolation on the Psyche
When to Go into a Full-On Lockdown
Chapter 4: Pandemic Medical Needs
Faulty Testing
Hospital Preparedness Plans
Containment Efforts
Bed Shortages
What Do I Do If I Become Sick With a Fast-Spreading Virus Like COVID-19?
When to Discontinue Home Isolation
Your Pandmic PPE Medical Essentials
Alcohol-Based Sanitizer
Pandemic Medical Supplies for the Home
Build the Ultimate One-Year Medical Supply
Storing Medical Supplies
Herbs, Natural Remedies, and Viral Pandemics
Chapter 5: How to Prepare the Home for a Pandemic
Inform Yourself
Preparing the Home
The Sick Room
How to Protect Yourself in a Viral Hot Zone
Personal Nonpharmaceutical Interventions (NPIs)
Critical Pandemic Supplies to Store Away
5 Delicious Meal-in-a-Jar Recipes
Alternative Power
Chapter 6: A Prepared Community
Pre-Pandemic Planning
Community Non-Pharmaceutical Interventions (NPIs)
Multi-Family Living During Pandemics
Pandemic Preparations for the Elderly
Pandemic Considerations for the Homeless
School Preparedness
Working in a Pandemic Scare and How to Prepare
Travel Bans
How Communities Can Move Forward After a Pandemic Ends
Chapter 7: What Will Our Future Look Like?
A Post-Pandemic World
Learning from the Past
Personal Preparedness
Staying Strong in the Most Difficult of Times
Full Pandemic Supply List.
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