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"A nanny taking care of two young girls soon suspects that nothing in their remote house is how it appears in this chilling Gothic thriller. Architect Tom Faraday is building a high-concept, environmentally friendly home in Norway that he and his wife, Aurelia, had dreamed of-in the same place where she lost her life to suicide. He hires a nanny, Lexi, to help care for his two young daughters, and she quickly becomes protective of the girls. Lexi feels a pervasive sense of creepiness and haunting in the isolated house nestled in the forests along the fjord. When Aurelia's diary appears in her room one day, Lexi can't help but read it and discovers secrets of violence and betrayal. As disturbing and stranger things happen in and around the home-mysterious wet footsteps inside the house, the ghostly and terrifying figure of the Sad Lady-Lexi begins to suspect that Aurelia didn't kill herself and that she and the children are all at risk"-- Provided by publisher.

403 pages ; 24 cm
Publisher, pagination and printing dates may vary.
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