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Defending the Arctic refuge : a photographer, an Indigenous nation, and a fight for environmental justice

Published 2021
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"Tucked away in the northeastern corner of Alaska is one of the most contested landscapes in all of North America: the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. Considered sacred by Indigenous peoples in Alaska and Canada and treasured by environmentalists, the refuge provides life-sustaining habitat for caribou, polar bears, migratory birds, and other species. For decades, though, the fossil fuel industry and powerful politicians have sought to turn this unique ecosystem into an oil field. 'Defending the Arctic Refuge' tells the improbable story of how the people fought back." -- Provided by publisher.

9781469661100 (hardcover)
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Includes bibliographical references and index.
On the road
The last great wilderness
The sacred place where life begins
Lenny's epiphany
Glendon Brunk's epiphany
Delivering Bosco
The little white man who never sleeps
The slide show at the Art Farm
Science and skulduggery
I hope people from the south listen
Rebirth of a nation
The Arctic Refuge in a broader frame
Grassroots versus Goliath
Catastrophe and the coalition of conscience
Native corporations and Arctic drilling
A victory for the grassroots
Gwich'in recruits, Gwich'in lives
Budget showdown
Turning spectators into activists
Flat, white nothingness?
How the Refuge survived the W. years
Building a bigger choir
The slide show in Old Crow.
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