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Kontemporary Amerikan poetry

Published 2020
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"A writer traces his history--brushes with violence, responses to threat, poetic and political solidarity--in poems of lyric and narrative urgency. John Murillo's second book is a reflective look at the legacy of institutional, accepted violence against African Americans and the personal and societal wreckage wrought by long histories of subjugation. A sparrow trapped in a car window evokes a mother battered by a father's fists; a workout at an iron gym recalls a long-ago mentor who pushed the speaker "to become something unbreakable." The presence of these and poetic forbears--Gil Scott-Heron, Yusef Komunyakaa--provide a context for strength in the face of danger and anger. At the heart of the book is a sonnet crown triggered by the shooting deaths of three Brooklyn men that becomes an extended meditation on the history of racial injustice and the notion of payback as a form of justice. "Maybe memory is the only home / you get," Murillo writes, "and rage, where you/first learn how fragile the axis/upon which everything tilts."" -- Provided by publisher.

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Poems. Selections
Contemporary American poetry
On confessionalism
Variation on a theme by Elizabeth Bishop
Upon reading that Eric Dolphy transcribed even the calls of certain species of birds,
On metaphor
Dolores, maybe.
On magical realism
Poem ending and beginning on lines by Larry Levis
Dear Yusef,
On negative capability
Mercy, mercy me
A refusal to mourn the deaths, by gunfire, of three men in Brooklyn
Contemporary American poetry
On epiphany
After the dance
Variation on a theme by Gil Scott-Heron
On lyric narrative
Distant lover
On prosody
Variation on a theme by the notorious B.I.G.
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