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5 Results
Not a hope in hell —Kirby, Hank J., author.
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They said he was a trigger-happy sheriff but when the bad boys came to town, nobody complained when he cut loose with his guns -- until the day when two elderly folk were killed during a shoot-out, forcing the sheriff to...

Against all odds —Kirby, Hank J., author.
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Matt Ronan didn't even carry a gun, it wasn't necessary when he was so good with his fists. But after a fatal altercation with a kid he began to see he was perhaps too good, especially as the boy had a powerful father an...

Dark mesa —Kirby, Hank J., author.
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Ross McCall is a rounder-up of maverick cattle for his own small herd. When he provides aid to wounded bandit Ace Morgan-- last surviving member of an outlaw gang, and his pa's old comrade-- the dying man repays his kind...

I am the law! —Kirby, Hank J., author.
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"Mitchell Slade, a top US Marshal, is sent to clean up the New Mexico town of Hatfield. Within a few minutes of his arrival, four men lie dead under a shroud of smoke, and this sets the tone for Slade's stay. It isn't lo...

Montana manhunt —Kirby, Hank J., author.
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They stole Rush Bonner's horse and left him afoot in mighty wild country. But Bonner was tough: he recovered his mount and left the thieving rider for the coyotes. But it caused him more trouble than he could shake a sti...