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Milton's Secret

Eleven-year-old Milton Adams is growing up in an uncertain world full of bullies. With his parents constantly stressing about their careers and finances, and the neighborhood bully tormenting him, Milton's world is in cr...

The crow city of angels

After a brutal attack by an evil drug cartel, the murder victim is brought back to life by a mysterious crow. He destroys his killers one by one, but an enemy has discovered the weakness that can get rid of the hero fore...

The L word. Season one

A group of lesbian and bisexual women experience life in Los Angeles.

Cowboys and angels

Left at the altar, heartbroken Danny fears that he will never love again. That is until the mysterious and angelic JoJo appears in his life. With JoJo as his guide, Danny begins a journey of self-exploration, uncovering ...

The L word. The complete final season

Niki is enraged by Jenny's vindictive way of leading her on and then dumping her; Alice walks in on Jenny and Shane after their night of passion; Dylan approaches Tina to ask for her help to get back together with Helena...

Western adventures. Disc 1

Country remedy: In order for doctor Evan Gibbs to get the job of a lifetime he must spend his summer in the mountains of North Carolina setting up a clinic.

According to Spencer

How do you convince the woman of your dreams that you're the one for her? By crashing into her car? By getting caught up in an x-rated film? Remind her that you're the nerd from school? Spencer will do whatever it takes,...

New best friend

Colby University is the playground for the young adults of the rich and powerful. Into this world steps a girl of modest means who dreams of becoming a lawyer. When she meets the beautiful and popular Hadley, she quickly...