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Aaron Slater, illustrator —Beaty, Andrea, author.

When Miss Greer asks each child in the class to write a story, second-grader Aaron, who loves to draw but struggles with reading, creates a story using pictures.

Sofia Valdez and the vanishing vote —Beaty, Andrea, author.

Sofia is put in charge of overseeing a fair election for a class pet, but first the Questioneers must learn about elections and good journalism--and remember that being a community matters most. Includes facts about the ...

Iggy Peck and the mysterious mansion —Beaty, Andrea, author.

Iggy is delighted when Ada Twist's Aunt Bernice inherits a mansion featuring his favorite architectural periods, but unless the Questioneers can find its missing antiques, the house may be lost forever. Includes informat...

Rosie Revere, engineer —Beaty, Andrea, author.

A young aspiring engineer must first conquer her fear of failure.

Rosie Revere's big project book for bold engineers —Beaty, Andrea, author.

"This is an illustrated book of projects and activities and general information to get young children interested in engineering. It is written by Ann Beaty, the author of the picture book ROSIE REVERE. It is illustrated ...

Iggy Peck, architect —Beaty, Andrea, author.

Ever since he was a baby, Iggy Peck has built towers, bridges, and buildings, which comes in handy when his second grade class is stranded on an island during a picnic.

Ada Twist, scientist —Beaty, Andrea, author.

Ada Twist is a very curious girl who shows perseverance by asking questions and performing experiments to find things out and understand the world.

Sofia Valdez, future prez —Beaty, Andrea, author.

When her abuelo is injured at the local landfill, second-grader Sofia is determined to transform the dangerous Mount Trashmore into a park, taking on City Hall in the process.

Rosie Revere and the Raucous Riveters —Beaty, Andrea, author.

When Rosie is unable to invent a contraption to help one of Aunt Rose's Raucous Riveters friends, she calls on classmates Iggy Peck and Ada Twist to help.

Ada Twist and the perilous pants —Beaty, Andrea, author.
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Ada Twist must rely on her curious mind, her brave spirit, and her best pals Rosie Revere and Iggy Peck to help save Rosie's Uncle Ned from his famous helium pants!

Iggy Peck and the mysterious mansion —Beaty, Andrea, author.
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Iggy Peck teams up with the Questioneers to help investigate a supposedly haunted house and find the treasure that's gone missing in this middle-grade novel!

Ada Twist's big project book for stellar scientists —Beaty, Andrea, author.

"For curious young minds who ask why? how? what? when? and then why? again and again, the bestselling team behind Ada Twist, Scientist has developed a STEM project book based on the beloved character. Ada herself will ta...

Iggy Peck's big project book for amazing architects —Beaty, Andrea, author.

"Creativity meets curiosity and critical thinking in this project book from the #1 New York Times bestselling team behind Iggy Peck, Architect, Rosie Revere, Engineer, and Ada Twist, Scientist. Iggy Peck takes readers th...

Exploring flight —Beaty, Andrea, author.

Peek inside Ada Twists personal notebook to discover everything there is to know about flight - from information about creatures that fly to the history of aircrafts to modern technology that allows us to soar through th...

One girl —Beaty, Andrea, author.

Inspired by the idea of empowering girls around the world to demand their right to education, one girl lights a small spark which catches fire, and eventually lights up the whole world.

Rosie Revere, engineer

Rosie, a brilliant inventor who dreams of becoming a great engineer, works on building a contraption to fulfill the dream of her great-great-aunt, Rosie the Riveter.

Sofia Valdez and the Vanishing Vote —Beaty, Andrea, author.

Just in time for the 2020 election, the bestselling chapter book series continues with the newest Questioneer, Sofia Valdez Miss Lila Greer announces it's time for Grade Two to get a class pet, and she wants the kids to ...

Ada Twist and the disappearing dogs —Beaty, Andrea, author.

When pets go missing in Blue River Creek, it is up to Ada to follow the scientific method by making a hypothesis, collecting data, and experimenting to find the missing animals.

Sofia Valdez's big project book for awesome activists —Beaty, Andrea, author.

A hands-on guide to activism and the democratic process counsels young readers on how to make a difference in their communities by supporting important causes, writing to elected officials, and learning about how governm...

Sofia Valdez and the vanishing vote —Beaty, Andrea, author.
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When the class votes on what kind of pet to get, Sofia is put in charge of the election. When a vote comes up missing, it's up to the newest Questioneer to restore democracy!

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