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Electric Castles : a book of urban legends —Burns, Cliff, 1963- author.

Fifteen tales set in modern, metropolitan locales, featuring a diverse cast of characters struggling to eke out an existence amid gleaming, opulent towers and sprawling cityscapes.c Timely, unsparing and satirical, Elect...

All that jazz

Based on director Bob Fosse's own extravagant life, this vibrant and spectacular film follows Fosse's alter ego. Joe Gideon in his relentless pursuit of sex, drugs and self-destruction. His womanizing both supports and d...

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A thriller centered on the threat posed by a deadly disease and an international team of doctors contracted by the CDC to deal with the outbreak.

Exceptions & deceptions —Burns, Cliff, 1963-

Nineteen stories that defy conventional boundaries and safe zones. Original, daring, provocative...includes "Daughter", a harrowing tale of abduction, and the the previously unpublished novella "Second Sight". This coll...

Sex and other acts of the imagination : a collection of short stories —Burns, Cliff, 1963-

?Originally published in 1990, Sex & Other Acts of the Imagination was acclaimed for its intimate personal brand of horror, the power and intensity of its prose. Now Canadian author Cliff Burns has reissued his celebrate...

Disloyal son : a false memoir —Burns, Cliff, 1963-

Family secrets lie at the heart of Clif Burn's latest novel, Disloyal Son. A murder mystery spanning four decades, a tale of doomed love and an unspeakable act of betrayal. Drawing on details and incidents from his child...

The algebra of inequality : (2012-2017) —Burns, Cliff, 1963-

In his latest collection of poetry, Cliff Burns addresses the moral and spiritual dilemmas pervading modern life and the anxiety that manifests itself as we recognize the scope of the challenges confronting us. Haunting,...

New and selected poems : 1984-2011 —Burns, Cliff, 1963-

A "Best of..." selection of Cliff Burns' poems, drawn from the past 25 years. Surreal, searing, apocalyptic and personal, these pieces range from a microscopic examination of human existence to verses that ponder vast, c...

Righteous blood : two novellas —Burns, Cliff, 1963-

Two terrifying novellas in which evil plays a predominant role. In "Living With the Foleys" a homeless man defends and watches over a suburban family, willing to go to desperate lengths to protect them from harm. "Kept" ...