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Maker lab outdoors : 25 super cool projects : build, invent, create, discover —Challoner, Jack, author.

Twenty-five science projects and experiments to be done outside will spark kids' creativity and help them develop science skills through hands-on learning.

STEM lab : 25 super-cool projects : build, invent, create, discover —Challoner, Jack, author.

Presents over two dozen science activities demonstrating such scientific properties as forces and motion, chemical reactions, shapes and structures, and light and sound.

The elements book : a visual encyclopedia of the periodic table —Jackson, Tom, 1972- author.

Profiles every element on the periodic table and describes their properties, when they were discovered, and how they are used in household materials.

Tech lab : brilliant builds for super makers —Challoner, Jack, author.

Are you a budding scientist, engineer, or inventor? Tech lab unlocks your inner maker through 18 amazing step-by-step projects, from an automatic night-light to your own remote-control snake!

Super science encyclopedia —Challoner, Jack, author.

"The book examines the science behind everyday life -- how we power our homes, grow our food, and build machines that allow us to communicate with others and travel around the world. Featuring a wide range of scientific ...

Hurricane & tornado —Challoner, Jack, author.

Describes dangerous and destructive weather conditions around the world, such as thunderstorms, tornadoes, hurricanes, lightning, hail, and drought with photographs, historical background, and legends.

Genius inventions : the stories behind history's greatest technological breakthroughs —Challoner, Jack, author.

The world as we know it today wouldn't have been possible without the groundbreaking contributions of a group of amazing men and women. Their stories begin as far back as 287 BCE and include some truly extraordinary feat...

Exploring the mysteries of the elements —Challoner, Jack, author.

Every element is featured, their vital statistics given, their main compounds and uses explored, and their fascinating histories told.

Exploring the mysteries of genius and invention —Challoner, Jack, author.

This book gives readers unprecedented insight into the minds and lives of some of the great men and women who have helped shape the modern world through technology.