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1945 : the year that made modern Canada —Cuthbertson, Ken, author.

"1945 was a watershed year for Canada and the world. It ushered in the modern era and set Canada on a new course. With the momentous dropping of the Atomic bomb on Japan, everything had changed. There was a sense of reli...

A complex fate : William L. Shirer and the American century —Cuthbertson, Ken, author.

William Shirer (1904-1993), a star foreign correspondent with the Chicago Tribune in the 1920s and '30s, was a prominent member of what one contemporary observer described as an extraordinary band of American journalists...

The Halifax explosion Canada's worst disaster —Cuthbertson, Ken, author.
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On December 6, 1917, the French munitions ship Mont Blanc and the Norwegian war-relief vessel Imo collided in the harbour at Halifax, Nova Scotia. That accident sparked a fire and an apocalyptic explosion that was the la...