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Alice Fleck's recipes for disaster —Delaney, Rachelle, author.

Alice Fleck's father is a culinary historian, and for as long as she can remember, she's been helping him recreate meals from the past--a hobby she prefers to keep secret from kids her age. But when her father's new girl...

The Bonaventure adventures —Delaney, Rachelle, author.

"Sebastian Konstantinov comes from a long line of talented circus performers. Somehow, however, he has not inherited any of their acrobatic skill: he has no balance, he's afraid of heights, he can't even turn a somersaul...

Clara Voyant —Delaney, Rachelle, author.

"Clara can't believe her no-nonsense grandmother has just up and moved to Florida, leaving Clara and her mother on their own for the first time. This means her mother can finally "follow her bliss," which involves moving...

The circus dogs of Prague —Delaney, Rachelle, author.
Restricted DAISY Zip (CELA)

JR the terrier and his embassy friends Robert, Pie, and Beatrix are on their way to Prague! Having solved the mystery of the missing dogs in Moscow, JR is ready for a vacation with his human, George, and Georges Russian ...