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Let's go swimming! —Feuti, Norman, author, illustrator.

On a hot day, Hedgehog and his best friend Harry go swimming in the pond to cool off--and when Hedgehog helps his friend overcome his fear of going underwater, they find a treasure.

Beak & Ally. 1, Unlikely friends —Feuti, Norman, author, illustrator.
Graphic Novel
Availability: 5 of 13

Ally the alligator is perfectly happy being alone... until one day a noisy bird named Beak lands on her snout. Much to Ally's annoyance, this chatty bird likes to sing all the time and has chosen a nearby tree to build h...

Who needs a checkup? —Feuti, Norman, author, illustrator.

Harry is worried about his trip to the doctor for a check-up, so his best friend Hedgehog comes up with a way to reassure him.

Beak & Ally. 2, Bedtime jitters —Feuti, Norman, author, illustrator.
Graphic Novel
Availability: 7 of 15

Beak & Ally are back, and they've got some bedtime jitters! Late at night, the swamp is full of weird noises ... spooky noises! How's Beak the bird supposed to get any rest with all these strange sounds sounding off arou...

The King of Kazoo —Feuti, Norman, author, illustrator.
Graphic Novel
Availability: 9 of 11

"Scatterbrained Cornelius, King of Kazoo, and his resourceful daughter, Bing, explore a mysterious cave at the top of Mount Kazoo. There they discover a famous alchemist named Quaf is planning a dangerous and forbidden e...