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Scary stories for young foxes —Heidicker, Christian McKay, author.

The haunted season has arrived in the Antler Wood. No fox kit is safe. When Mia and Uly are separated from their litters, they discover a dangerous world full of monsters. In order to find a den to call home, they must v...

Cure for the common universe —Heidicker, Christian McKay, author.

"Jaxon meets the girl of his dreams on the same day that his father ships him off to video game rehab. Now he must earn 1 million therapy points in a week, if he wants to be released from rehab in time for his date"-- Pr...

Thieves of Weirdwood —Shivering, William, author.

Wally Cooper and Arthur Benton, who resorted to thievery to pay off family debts, unwittingly find themselves at the center of a battle between the Fae and the mages tasked with protecting humanity.

Attack of the 50 foot wallflower —Heidicker, Christian McKay, author.

Phoebe, fifteen, the daughter of a famous mother and unearthly father, suddenly begins experiencing radical changes as she enters one scene after another from 1950s and 60s science fiction movies.

Ghosts of Weirdwood —Heidicker, Christian McKay, author.

Twelve-year-old reformed thieves Arthur and Wally's determination to succeed as Novitiates of the Wardens of Weirdwood pits them against the Order of Eldar and the ghosts they released for their own gain.