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100 days of Cree —McLeod, Neal, author.

"As an Elder once said, "Learn one Cree word a day for 100 days, and emerge a different person." In 100 Days of Cree Neal McLeod offers a portal into another way of understanding the universe--and our place within it--wh...

Neechie hustle —McLeod, Neal, author.

"The book begins with events on the Broken Elbow reserve war and post war period, culminating in the attempt of the residents to build a space tepee to leave the reserve. The plot continues into the late 60s and early 19...

The Book of Ayy?s —McLeod, Neal, author.

"In the book of ayâs, Neal McLeod takes his place among the great Indigenous storytellers of the continent. He situates stories of ayâs--a traditional Cree figure who experiences exile, dislocation, and encounters with...