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A Dusty donkey detour —Nawrocki, Michael, author.

Merle and Pearl, still in the clutches of their squirrelnapper, ride on a talking donkey, Dusty, from Nazareth to Ein Karem while Dr. Gomez and Michael follow their trail.

Squirreled away —Nawrocki, Michael, author.

Ten-year-old Michael sneaks into a cave near the Dead Sea where his father has been working and finds a pair of 2,000-year-old squirrels, which he stows in his backpack and takes home to Tennessee.

Merle of Nazareth —Nawrocki, Michael, author.

"Merle and Pearl are shocked to find themselves headed back to Israel after being kidnapped by Ruben--and they are not making the trip easy for him. Meanwhile, Michael and his dad are getting ready to follow the kidnappe...

Nutty study buddies —Nawrocki, Michael, author.

Michael learns that-- like the Thessalonians in the Bible-- he will prosper if he works hard when Pearl the 2,000-year-old squirrel helps him study for his math test.

Tree-mendous trouble —Nawrocki, Michael, author.

Because not everyone has the best intentions for Merle and Pearl, two ancient squirrels from the time of Jesus who wake up in modern-day Tennessee, Michael and his family set up a security system.

Whirly squirrelies —Nawrocki, Michael, author.

"What do homework, Michael's new favorite video game, and a pair of drones have in common? They're all competing for the gang's attention. Join Michael, ancient squirrels Merle, and Pearl for some high-flying adventures ...

Boy meets squirrels —Nawrocki, Michael, author.

Will Michael heed the advice of his 2,000-year-old squirrel souvenirs from the Dead Sea, or, in his attempt to get revenge, will he become a bully himself?

Squirrelnapped! —Nawrocki, Michael, author.

When Pearl Squirrel is abducted, Michael's family bands together to rescue her, and the Squirrels teach Michael about honesty and responsibility by sharing stories of the Apostle Paul's life.

VeggieTales. Merry Larry & the true light of Christmas

'Merry Larry' is serving as 'Head Elf' during the Christmas season when Christina's request catches his attention - she wants to help her friend, who lost her house in a fire! Larry sets off to bring attention to her si...

Jingle squirrels —Nawrocki, Michael, author.

"Merle and Pearl are still missing! Ruben has them hidden away in Israel, so Michael, Justin, Sadie, Jane, and Mr. and Mrs. Gomez take off on a rescue mission to get them back once and for all. In the meantime, Dusty fin...

Merry Christmas, nighty night —Smith, Michael W. (Michael Whitaker), 1957- author.

Merry Christmas, Nighty Night follows the familiar rhythm of the classic Clement Moore poem "The Night Before Christmas" to tell this gentle, musical, and heart-warming story that captures the wonder of Christmas Eve whi...

VeggieTales : Pirates Who Don't Do Anything and Me! —Nawrocki, Michael, author.

"Junior comes knocking on the door to the ship of The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything. He thinks not doing anything sounds good, so he wants to hop on board and be pirate number four! This fun and wacky band of pirates con...

Bob Lends a Helping . . . Hand? —Nawrocki, Michael, author.

"Teach your child to help others! In this delightfully fun, rhyming book, Bob the Tomato encourages his friends, Larry and Joe, to lend a helping".hand? Ok, Veggies don't have hands".but kids do".and Bob wants to help th...

Let's get ready for bed —Smith, Michael W. (Michael Whitaker), 1957- author.

Nighty Nights band members Eddy the bear and Sandy the sheep find their friend, Sleep Puppy, getting ready for bed and sing him a lullaby to help him fall asleep. Includes a link to a lullaby online.

Merry Christmas, Nighty Night —Smith, Michael W. (Michael Whitaker), 1957- author.

It's so hard to fall asleep on Christmas Eve! Lucky for Cole and his sister, Rose, the Nighty Nights have a special Christmas song to have them dreaming and sleeping in no time. This snuggly story is the one parents and ...