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Jonna and the unpossible monsters. 1 —Samnee, Chris, author, artist.
Graphic Novel
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"Rainbow has been looking for her younger sister, Jonna, for over a year--since the monsters appeared and the world began to dry up. Going from settlement to settlement, Rainbow asks every survivor she meets: Have you se...

Fire power. Volume 2, Home fire —Kirkman, Robert, author, creator.
Graphic Novel
Availability: 4 of 4

"The one who wields the fire power is destined to save the world, but Owen Johnson has turned his back on that life. He doesn't want the power, he never did. He only wants to raise his family and live his life, but unsee...

Captain America. Home of the brave —Waid, Mark, 1962- author.
Graphic Novel
Availability: 5 of 6

Mark Waid and Chris Samnee, the team supreme who transformed the world of Daredevil and produced a cinematic spy thriller starring Black Widow, reunite to work their magic on the greatest hero of all - Captain America! S...

Fire power. Volume 1, Prelude —Kirkman, Robert, author, creator.
Graphic Novel
Availability: 8 of 8

"Owen Johnson's journey to China to learn about his birth parents eventually leads him to a mysterious Shaolin Temple. The students there study to rediscover the Fire Power, the lost art of throwing fireballs. A power th...

Miles Morales: the ultimate Spider-Man. Ultimate collection, Book 1 —Bendis, Brian Michael, author.

Miles Morales takes up the mantle of the Ultimate Spider-Man! Before Peter Parker died, young Miles was poised to start the next chapter in his life in a new school. Then, a spider's bite granted the teenager incredible ...