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Hera's phantom flight —Schaefer, Elizabeth (Adaptor), author.

Hera, pilot of the rebel space ship Ghost, damages the ship against evil Empire fighters and becomes trapped on an alien planet with mysterious monsters.

Kanan's Jedi training —Schaefer, Elizabeth (Adaptor), author.

After meeting a promising young boy named Ezra, rebel leader and skilled Jedi Kanan decides to train the boy in the ways of the Jedi.

Finn & the First Order —Schaefer, Elizabeth (Adaptor), author.

In order to escape his past, former storm trooper Finn journeys down a heroic but dangerous path.

Rey meets BB-8 —Schaefer, Elizabeth (Adaptor), author.

Scavenger Rey lives a lonely existence on the planet Jakku until a visit by droid BB-8 changes her life forever.

The Avengers storybook collection.

Collects twenty stories chronicling the adventures of such heroes as Iron Man, Captain America, Black Widow, and Hulk as they fight against supervillains, including Ultron, Thanos, and the Masters of Evil.

Star wars, the force awakens —Schaefer, Elizabeth (Adaptor), author.

Many years have passed since the Rebel Alliance was victorious over the evil Empire, and the galaxy has been at peace. But a new darkness is rising, and now the brave men and women of the Resistance must stand against Ky...

I am a clone trooper —Schaefer, Elizabeth (Adaptor), author.

"From Captain Rex to Commander Cody to the Bad Batch, this Little Golden Book will introduce young readers to all the clones from the ... Star Wars saga"--Publisher marketing.

Holiday mischief with Stitch —Schaefer, Elizabeth (Adaptor), author.

"Lilo loves the holidays, but Stitch has never celebrated them on Earth before! Stitch is excited about food, presents, and special 'ohana time. Will he be naughty or nice?"--Cover page [4].

The Skywalker collection : episodes I-IX.

Retells the adventures of the Skywalker family and their friends, from the boy Anakin through his children Luke and Leia to the next generation.