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Butteflies on the first day of school —Silvestro, Annie, author.

The first day of school is exciting-- but it can be scary, too! Meet Rosie, a brand-new student who just happens to have butterflies in her stomach. As the day goes on, Rosie frees all her butterflies, and even helps ano...

Bunny's Book Club goes to school —Silvestro, Annie, author.

Bunny's human friend, Josie, is nervous about starting a new school so he and his Book Club friends pay her a surprise visit--once they get past the distractions.

Bunny's book club —Silvestro, Annie, author.

Bunny loves reading so much that he begins sneaking into the library at night to borrow books, and soon his friends want to join him.

Dylan's dragon —Silvestro, Annie, author.

Dylan is so busy with piano lessons, science club, baseball practice, karate class, and more that he has no time for the doodling, drawing, and dreaming he loves--until Dragon arrives and wants to play.

Mice skating —Silvestro, Annie, author.

Lucy the field mouse's friends avoid going outdoors in winter until Lucy introduces the delights of skating.

Sugar and spice and everything mice —Silvestro, Annie, author.

"In this charming sequel to Mice skating, Lucy, the adventure-loving mouse, discovers that baking is a lot harder than skating."

The Christmas tree who loved trains —Silvestro, Annie, author.

"A pine tree grew in the farthest corner of the tree farm on a small patch of land that bordered the train track. The tree loved trains. She loved to watch them ZOOM by on the tracks beside the tree farm. Her branches wo...

Mice Skating —Silvestro, Annie, author.

"This mouse doesn't want to stay in the house... even if it's cold outside! For most field mice, winter means burrowing down and snuggling in. But not for Lucy! She loves snow crunching under her paws and wearing a fluff...