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How do dinosaurs say I'm mad? —Yolen, Jane, author.

Illustrations and rhyming text explore some of the things that dinosaurs might do when they are angry -- and how they should control their tempers.

How do dinosaurs learn to read? —Yolen, Jane, author.

Told in rhyming text young dinosaurs learn to read, but only after many mishaps, like chewing their books and throwing them at the cat--but eventually they learn to respect their books, and treat them properly.

How do dinosaurs go to school? —Yolen, Jane, author.

Explains how little dinosaurs should behave during a typical school day.

How do dinosaurs show good manners? —Yolen, Jane, author.

In rhyming text, naughty dinosaurs learn the importance of having good manners, saying "please" and "thank you," and never, ever making a mess.

How do dinosaurs choose their pets? —Yolen, Jane, author.

At first, the dinosaurs try to bring home all manner of wild beasts, but in the end, they learn to bring home an appropriate animal from a shelter or pet store and to love and care for it with attention.

Testing the waters —Yolen, Jane, author.

"A fish is nervous about a test and a mean-looking substitute teacher at school." -- Provided by publisher.

How do dinosaurs stay friends? —Yolen, Jane, author.

A young dinosaur shows how to stay friends even after having a terrible fight with his very best friend.

How do dinosaurs say I love you? —Yolen, Jane, author.

Illustrations and rhyming text present some of the different ways dinosaurs can express their love, from cleaning up after making a mess to smiling sweetly instead of roaring.

Bear outside —Yolen, Jane, author.

A little girl wears a bear on the outside to keep her safe and to be her friend, just as some people have a fierce animal inside to protect them.

Once there was a story : tales from around the world, perfect for sharing —Yolen, Jane, author.

A collection of thirty shareable fairy tales, folk tales, and fables from around the world that includes magic tales, homey tales, animal tales, and two tales by Jane Yolen.

How do dinosaurs say I love you? —Yolen, Jane, author.

Parents and children can never have enough ways to say "I love you"--And now, America's favorite dinosaurs are giving families a funny book, perfect for bedtime, storytime, anytime. Even when little dinosaurs are naughty...

A bear sat on my porch today —Yolen, Jane, author.

Told in rhyme, a bear settles on the narrator's porch, and is soon followed by many other woodland friends, until the porch collapses under the weight--but bear and his friends repair the damage and almost everybody is i...

Waking dragons —Yolen, Jane, author.

In the morning, dragons wake up, tumble out of bed, and get ready to fly into the sky.

What to do with a box —Yolen, Jane, author.

"Jane Yolen poetically reminds young readers that a simple box can be a child's most imaginative plaything as artist Chris Sheban illustrates its myriad and magical uses"--Provided by publisher.

A kite for Moon —Yolen, Jane, author.

A young boy, seeing that Moon is lonely, sends up a kite to cheer her then, after growing up and learning many things, he becomes the first human to visit her. Dedicated to Neil Armstrong and written in recognition of th...

How do dinosaurs get well soon? —Yolen, Jane, author, narrator.
Book + Audio
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The bestselling, award-winning team of Yolen and Teague are back with another playful dinosaur tale--this time about a sick dinosaur child who catches the flu and must go to the doctor.What if a dinosaur catches the flu?...

Rum pum pum —Harrison, David L. (David Lee), 1937- author.
Sound Recording
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"Rrrrh!" means "Let's be friends" in tiger talk, but the other animals don't understand him and run away! Maybe the gentle "rum-pum-pum" of the drum can help him. The lonely tiger finds a drum. He strikes it with his tai...

I am the storm —Yolen, Jane, author.

As the climate shifts, families experience weather emergencies, including a tornado, a blizzard, a forest fire, and a hurricane, finding joy in preparedness and resilience.

Thunder underground —Yolen, Jane, author.

A collection of poems explores the wonder underground, from animal burrows and subways to caves and magma.

How do dinosaurs eat their food? —Yolen, Jane, author.
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Describes how a dinosaur eats, with no rude noises and while sitting very still.

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