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Rebel raiders —Dyson, John, 1937-
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A gang of former Confederate soldiers is robbing and killing its way across Kansas. Novice lawman Cass Clacy is sent out after them, but what chance does he have of outgunning such experienced fighters? When Sheriff Jim ...

Bad night at the Crazy Bull —Dyson, John, 1937- author.
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After a night of drinking at the Crazy Bull Hotel, Glen Stone wakes up to find himself in bed with a saloon girl who informs him that they have been married. When Glen returns with her to his ranch, he must deal with her...

Stolen horses —Dyson, John, 1943-
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Young wrangler Quince is pleased when he lands a job tending the sixty-horse remuda of old man Durham. But Quince falls for the rancher's daughter, and when his boyhood pal, arrives on the scene, it's a recipe for disast...

Sidewinder —Dyson, John, 1943-
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All Flynn wants is to be Marshal of Tucson, but he is framed by the territory's richest rancher, Frank Buchanan, and thrown into the hell of Yuma prison. Five years later Flynn comes out, intent on clearing his name and ...

Silver galore —Dyson, John, 1937-
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The mysterious southern belle, Careen Langridge, has come West to escape death threats from fanatical Confederates. Is she still being pursued? Should she marry Captain Robbie Randall? The Mexican Artiside Luna has his o...

Stone of courage —Fearn, John Russell, 1908-1960, author.
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Abe Jones, nicknamed 'Feather-Fist' for his reluctance to fight, hits the jackpot when panning for gold in a secluded creek. But he is immediately swooped upon by Lynch Corbett and Len Dyson, two of the toughest outlaws ...

The tall stranger —Dyson, John, 1943-
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The land along Powder River was up for grabs and violent men were after it. When rancher Rob Henshall was shot, hunter Lonesome Brad Bradshaw rode into Miles City intent on bringing the backshooter to justice. Could it b...

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