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Oh say can you say what's the weather today? : all about weather —Rabe, Tish.

In rhyming text, the Cat in the Hat teaches Sally and Dick about different weather conditions and how we learn about them.

The Cat in the Hat knows a lot about that!. Oh say, what's the weather today?

It's time to explore and learn further about everybody's favorite topic, the weather! So let's hop on the Thinga-ma-jigger with the Cat in the Hat, Sally, Nick, and our dear friend, Fish. First we₂ll travel to Color-ga-l...

Weather and the seasons.

Introduces weather and the seasons, describing what a cloud is, why rainbows form, and how animals migrate for the winter, and includes four weather-related science projects.

What will the weather be like today? —Rogers, Paul, 1950-

Animals and humans discuss, in rhyming verse, the possibilities of the day's weather.


What's the weather like today? Find out about all types of weather from sunny and windy days to thunderstorms.

Cheerful weather for the wedding

"Today is Dolly Thatchum's wedding day, and her family is arriving with all the cheerfulness, chaos and grievances that accompany such gatherings. Trouble appears in the shape of Joseph, Dolly's former lover from the pre...

A perfect planet the story of Earth's power and fragility

Planet Earth is perfect. It orbits at the perfect distance from the sun; it tilts at just the right angle, and it has a moon just large enough to hold it in place. On top of that, the day-to-day workings of the planet na...

Preschool series. Volume 1 40 educationally-themed songs —Raggs Kids Club Band.

Forty fun, educationally themed songs for preschoolers. Subjects include senses, nature, colors, animals, family, and early introduction to concepts such as growing, time, change, and ideas.

What is the weather today? —Bondor, Rebecca.

"Colorful photos and simple text make it easy for your toddler to learn about the weather"--Back cover.

The farmer's daughter romance collection
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"Enjoy five historical novels by some of Christian fiction's bestselling authors. Meet daughters of prairie farms from Montana south to Kansas who find love in the midst of turbulent life changes. Marty's nieces are kidn...

It's rainy today —Sterling, Kristin.

Learn all about rain: where it comes from and what it's for.

12 things to know about wild weather —Kallio, Jamie, author.

Describes twelve examples of extreme weather conditions, from thunderstorms and tsunamis to wildfires and cold waves, and explains what causes them, how common they are, and why they cause so much damage.-- Source other ...

It's cloudy today —Sterling, Kristin.

Explains how to identify which clouds signal what type of weather, provides interesting cloud facts, and includes an experiment on how to form your own cloud.

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