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Samsung Chromebook. —[Author]

Chromebooks for students and staff use

GL iNet : 4G Smart Router

Product Description : Smart 4G to WiFi Converter: Transfer 4G LTE signal to WiFi ; Open Source & Programmable: OpenWrt pre-installed, extremely extendable in functions ; Large Storage & Extensibility: 64MB RAM, 16Mb Flas...


In a future dystopia where emotions are controlled with inoculations and couplung is strictly prohibited, two young illustrators defy societal law by falling in love. When the "cure" for all emotion is invented, the coup...

Forever and ever —Klassen, Raquel

"Having you three was the best thing I did. My life became brighter with each of you kids." Follow along in one mother's journey as she shares her thoughts and wishes for her three children as they grow up.

Little house on the prairie —Author, date-

9 movies: Prairie fever; Young pioneers; Seven alone; Legend of the Ruby silver; Pioneer woman; A mother's gift; Follow the river; Sign of the otter & Rugged gold.

Tales from the Minor ranch / Heifers, hayfields and helicopters —Minor, Barry

Barry grew up on a 60,000 acre ranch in the Sandhills of southwest Saskatchewan.

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