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The way of the samurai —Stilton, Geronimo, author.

When Wild Willie showed up at my door and invited me to travel with him to Japan, I jumped at the chance. We were in search of an ancient, legendary samurai scroll that holds the secret to a long-lost fighting technique....

The extraordinary education of Nicholas Benedict —Stewart, Trenton Lee, author.

Nine-year-old Nicholas Benedict, an orphan afflicted with an unfortunate nose and with narcolepsy, is sent to a new orphanage where he encounters vicious bullies, selfish adults, strange circumstances, and a mystery that...

Crocodile tears —Horowitz, Anthony, 1955-

"Targeted by a hitman and under threat of his past being exposed by the media, Alex reluctantly turns to MI6. But their help doesn't come cheap: they need Alex to spy on the activities at a GM crop plant. There he spots ...

The runaway pumpkin : a Halloween adventure story —Lewis, Anne Margaret, author.

"A cute little Halloween pumpkin announces that he is ready for a Halloween adventure. So he prepares to set out on the exploration of a lifetime. However, his ever watchful and caring mother wants to make sure he's prep...

Howl of the wind dragon —West, Tracey, 1965- author.

The wizard Astrid is planning to cast the False Life spell which will bring to life the bones of giant ancient beasts and allow her to conquer all the kingdoms; in order to prevent her the Dragon Masters must find the Wi...

The ghostfaces —Flanagan, John (John Anthony), author.

When a massive storm at sea blows the Brotherband crew off course to a land so far west Hal cannot recognize it from his maps, they face an unknown enemy.The thrilling sixth installment of the bestselling Brotherband ser...

Journey under the sea —Montgomery, R. A., author.

As an experienced deep-sea explorer, you are searching for Atlantis. Many unknowns test your judgment and courage. Choose from 42 possible ways to go about this dangerous mission.

Pull the Dragon's Tooth! —Stilton, Geronimo, author.

Determined to earn a mouseking helmet, Geronimo Stiltonord undergoes special training conducted by Miceking chief Sven the Shouter.

Criminal destiny —Korman, Gordon, author.

"A group of kids discovers they were cloned from the DNA of some of the greatest criminal masterminds in history for a sociological experiment"--Provided by publisher.

The last musketeer —Gibbs, Stuart, 1969- author.

In Paris with his parents to sell family heirlooms, fourteen-year-old Greg Rich suddenly finds himself four hundred years in the past, and is aided by boys who will one day be known as "The Three Musketeers."

The Bland Sisters set sail —LaReau, Kara, author.

"Meet Jaundice and Kale Bland, two sisters who avoid excitement at any cost. One day, the Bland sisters are kidnapped by an all-female band of pirates. They're unwillingly swept into a high-seas romp that might just lead...

Space taxi : Archie takes flight —Mass, Wendy, 1967- author.

On Take your kid to work day, eight-year-old Archie discovers that his father drives a space taxi that shuttles aliens from one area of the universe to another.

The Boundless —Oppel, Kenneth, 1967- author.

Aboard "The Boundless," the greatest train ever built, on its maiden voyage across Canada, teenaged Will enlists the aid of a traveling circus to save the train from villains.

Obi, gerbil on a mission! —Delaney, M. C. (Michael Clark)

When pet gerbil Obi's owner Rachel gets a new puppy, Obi is jealous, but when the puppy runs away it is up to Obi to brave the dangers of the outside world and bring the new pet home.

Toy dance party : Being the further adventures of a bossyboots stingray, a courageous buffalo, and a hopeful round someone called Plastic —Jenkins, Emily, 1967-

Six stories relate further adventures of three best friends, who happen to be toys, as they encounter a fearsome--possible--shark, enjoy a dance party, and deal with rejection by The Girl, who is growing up.

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