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Notorious : an It Girl novel —Von Ziegesar, Cecily.

Jenny Humphrey's escapades at the elite Waverly Academy in New York's horse country come to the attention of former campus queen Tinsley Carmichael as the two compete for the title of "It Girl."

The upper class : a novel —Brown, Hobson.

The seniors have bets on which of the newest members of Wellington boarding school, blonde, well-bred Laine or her roommate, flirty Nikki, will crash and burn first.

The initiation —Pearson, Ridley, author.

"Before James Moriarty grew up to be a ruthless, remorseless villain, he was a curious boy from Boston, with a penchant for trouble and an acid tongue. Thrown into a boarding school against his wishes, James winds up roo...

Anita's puppy tale —Roehl, Tessa, author.

Anita is on a mission to bring joy to her new boarding school. After finding a Dalmatian puppy, she must team up with her friends to keep her new furry friend hidden from mean girl, Cruella De Vil. Will Anita's secret pu...

Reckless : an It Girl novel —Von Ziegesar, Cecily.

Four boarding school girls vie for the affections of the campus hunks.

No rules —Spratt, R. A., author.

After Friday Barnes is deported to Switzerland, Highcrest Academy descends into chaos as all their teachers are fired as an epic prank, but Friday tries to find the prankster, prove the innocence of her nemesis Ian Wains...

Miss educated —Brown, Hobson.

Parker Cole and Chase Dobbs want to be successful at Wellington and graduate to the upper class.

Crash test —Brown, Hobson.

Laine Hunt barely survived her first semester and everyone knows it. Now she's determined to prove she's a fighter, to secure her place at the front of the class. But what she's fighting the hardest are her own demons an...

The daring game —Pearson, Kit, 1947-

At boarding school Eliza becomes friends with Helen, an unpopular troublemaker, whose daring game causes Eliza to face expulsion.

The incredibly ordinary Danny Chandelier —Trunkey, Laura.

Danny Chandelier is sent to Lily Brook, a boarding school that is actually nothing more than a compound with windowless buildings surrounded by a forest from which no one has ever returned. It turns out to be a place whe...

Off campus —Brown, Hobson.

Back for her second year, Nikki Olivetti feels like she is finally finding her way at Wellington. And she is ready to show someone else the ropes, someone new, someone like Delia Breton, a transfer student from Californi...

Revelation : a novel —Brian, Kate, 1974-

After rumors begin to circulate that Reed killed Cheyenne, Reed is kicked out of Billings. She knows the only way to get her life back is to figure out who really murdered Cheyenne.

The pencil case —Shelton, Dave, author.
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It's a new term at St. Rita's School for Spirited Girls and there are new mysteries for Emily, Daphne and George to solve! Who has stolen a painting from Pilkington Art Gallery? (And why? It's not even a very good one!) ...

Ghost knight —Funke, Cornelia Caroline

Eleven-year-old Jon Whitcroft and new friend Ella summon the ghost of Sir William Longspee, who may be able to protect Jon from a group of ghosts that threatens him harm from the day he arrives at Salisbury Cathedral's b...

Lock and Key : The Initiation —Pearson, Ridley, author.

"Will leave you dying to know more." -- Rick Riordan, author of the Percy Jackson series The New York Times bestselling author of the Peter and the Starcatchers and Kingdom Keepers series, Ridley Pearson, brings us the r...

Charlie Bone and the time twister —Nimmo, Jenny.

In January 1916 Henry Yewbeam and his younger brother, James, have been sent to stay with their cousins at the Bloor's Academy. It is one of the coldest days of the year, and all Henry wants to do is hide from his mean c...

A Quinn in need —Mason, Jane B.

Zoey needs Quinn to help her build a robot to take on the local robot war champion. Can Zoey persuade Quinn to help?

The warriors —Bruchac, Joseph, 1942-

Jake has left the reservation for Weltimore Academy and entered a different world. Everyone there loves lacrosse, but no one understands it the way Jake does, as an Iroquois. And no one understands Jake either.

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