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The new canon : an anthology of Canadian poetry

Collecting the works of 50 modern Canadian poets, this anthology of verse points to an emerging openness toward form in the nation's poetry. The book includes nearly 200 poems from more than 20 presses and an essay that ...

This wound is a world : poems —Belcourt, Billy-Ray, author.

"Part manifesto, part memoir, This wound is a world is an invitation to 'cut a hole in the sky to world inside.' Billy-Ray Belcourt issues a call to turn to love and sex to understand how Indigenous peoples shoulder sadn...

NDN coping mechanisms : notes from the field —Belcourt, Billy-Ray, author.

In the follow-up to his Griffin Poetry Prizewinning collection, 'This Wound is a World', Billy-Ray Belcourt aims more of an anthropological eye at the contours of NDN and queer social worlds to spot much that is left uns...

Refugium : poems for the Pacific

"While in the world of politics there are still climate change deniers, the poets watch the warming seas, the dying birds slicked in oil, the whales, the jellies, the sea otters and the octopus. They stand, as close to t...

Event : poetry and prose
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EVENT is an award-winning, internationally recognized literary magazine that publishes fiction, poetry, non-fiction, notes on writing and book reviews by emerging and established writers three times a year.

The rumour —Dandurand, Joseph A., author.

""The Rumour" is a collection of poetry that exposes many important issues of Indigenous discrimination, poverty, drug abuse, brutal violence, love, family, and complex human relationships. As a skilled painter, Joseph A...

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