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Inkdeath —Funke, Cornelia Caroline.

As Bluejay--Mo's fictitious double--tries to keep the Book of Immortality from unraveling, Adderhead kidnaps all the children in the kingdom, asking for Bluejay's surrender or the children will be doomed to slavery in th...

The great good thing : a novel —Townley, Rod.

Nothing ever changes inside the storybook kingdom inhabited by twelve-year-old Princess Sylvie, her parents, and many other characters until Sylvie discovers that by allying herself with the Reader she can experience new...

Snoring Beauty —Bardhan-Quallen, Sudipta.

"A new spin on "Sleeping Beauty" told from the perspective of a little mouse who can't get to sleep because of the princess's very loud snoring"-- Provided by publisher.


When Mo Folchart reads a story aloud, the characters leap off the page. Literally. And that's a problem. One night he brings out three characters from Inkheart, a story set in medieval times and filled with magical being...

Dickensian. Season 1

Characters from several Charles Dickens novels living in the same Victorian London neighborhood look on as Inspector Bucket investigates the murder of Ebenezer Scrooge's partner Jacob Marley.

Once upon a frog —Mlynowski, Sarah, author.

Abby is worried because Jonah has the fairy Maryrose's memories mixed up with his own, but when they try to talk to her they get sucked through the mirror and find themselves in the story of The Frog Prince.

The missing tarts —Hennessy, B. G. (Barbara G.)

When the Queen of Hearts discovers that her strawberry tarts have been stolen, she enlists the help of many popular nursery rhyme characters in order to find them.

Waking beauty —Wilcox, Leah.

Prince Charming tries all sorts of silly ways to wake Sleeping Beauty before he learns how he is really supposed to wake her up.

Once & future —Capetta, A. R. author.

Resets the Arthurian legend in outer space, with King Arthur reincarnated as seventeen-year-old Ari, a female king whose quest is to stop a tyrranical corporate government, aided by a teenaged Merlin.

Splintered : novel —Howard, A. G. (Anita G.)

A descendant of the inspiration for Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, sixteen-year-old Alyssa Gardner fears she is mentally ill like her mother until she finds that Wonderland is real and, if she passes a series of tests...

The search for the Red Dragon —Owen, James A.

Nine years after they came together to defeat the Winter King, John, Jack, and Charles return to the Archipelago of Dreams and face a new challenge involving the Lost Boys and giants.

Into the Wild : a novel —Durst, Sarah Beth.

Having escaped from the Wild and the preordained fairy tale plots it imposes, Rapunzel, along with her daughter Julie Marchen, tries to live a fairly normal life, but when the Wild breaks free and takes over their town, ...

Pride and premeditation —Price, Tirzah, author.

Seventeen-year-old aspiring lawyer Lizzie Bennet seeks to solve a murder before her rival Mr. Darcy beats her to it.

Sword in the stars —Capetta, A. R. author.

"In this epic sequel to Once & Future, Ari and her Rainbow knights must pull off a Holy Grail heist thousands of years in the past-- without destroying their own destinies. Ari Helix may have won her battle against the t...

The heroines : a novel —Favorite, Eileen, 1964-

Thirteen-year-old Penny and her mother Anne-Marie encounter great women from classic works of literature when they turn up at all hours of the day and in all manners of distress to their B&B.

Rider in the night —Ransom, Candice F., 1952-

The time travel missions continue for Mattie, her brother Alex, and sister Sophie when they meet the superstitious villagers in Washington Irving's classic story "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow," and must help fearful Ichab...

Lost in the Never Woods —Thomas, Aiden, author.

When children start to go missing in the local woods, eighteen-year-old Wendy Darling must face her fears and a past she cannot remember to rescue them in this novel based on Peter Pan.

If the shoe fits —Jackson, Alison, 1953-

The old woman who lives in a shoe sets out to find a larger home for her many children, and gets mixed up in other nursery rhymes along the way.

20 hungry piggies : [a number book] —Harris, Trudy, 1949-

The wolf from "The Three Little Pigs" shows up at a party attended by lots of piggies, but his plans for dinner are disrupted by the pigs from "This Little Piggy Went to Market."

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