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346 Results
City of ghosts —Schwab, Victoria, author.
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Ever since her near-fatal drowning, Cassidy has been able to pull back the "Veil" that separates the living from the dead and see ghosts, not that she wants to, and she was really looking forward to a ghost-free summer a...

44 Scotland Street —McCall Smith, Alexander, 1948-
24 available of 26 items

Looks at the tenants of 44 Scotland Street, home to some of Edinburgh's most colourful characters.

A song for the dark times —Rankin, Ian, author.
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PREVIOUS BOOK IN SERIES: IN A HOUSE OF LIES, ISBN 9781409176886. 'A Song for the Dark Times' is the 23rd 'Inspector Rebus' novel about crime, punishment, and redemption, from one of the mystery world's most acclaimed mas...

Still life —McDermid, Val, author.
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"The UK's "Queen of Crime" Val McDermid returns to her propulsive series featuring cold case detective Karen Pirie, who finds herself investigating the shadowy world of forgery, where things are never what they seem. Sti...

Perfect crime —Fields, Helen, 1969- author.
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Stephen Berry is about to jump off a bridge when a suicide prevention counsellor stops him. One week later, Stephen Berry is dead, found at the bottom of a cliff. But did he take his own life ... or was he pushed? A spat...

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Mark Renton (Ewan McGregor), a young man with few prospects and fewer ambitions, lives in economically depressed Edinburgh. Like most of his friends, Renton is a heroin addict who loves the drug's blissful nothingness; f...

Friends, lovers, chocolate —McCall Smith, Alexander, 1948-
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Isabel Dalhousie returns, in this second installment in The Sunday Philosophy Club series, to solve the problems of a heart transplant patient who remembers events which did not happen to him, and to investigate the char...

In a house of lies —Rankin, Ian, author.
62 available of 84 items

Rebus' retirement is disrupted once again when skeletal remains are identified as a private investigator who went missing over a decade earlier. The remains, found in a rusted car in the East Lothian woods, not far from ...

Even dogs in the wild —Rankin, Ian, author.
50 available of 59 items

Retirement doesn't suit John Rebus. He wasn't made for hobbies, holidays or home improvements. Being a cop is in his blood. So when DI Siobhan Clarke asks for his help on a case, Rebus doesn't need long to consider his o...

The Sunday philosophy club —McCall Smith, Alexander, 1948-
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When Scottish-American philosopher Isabel Dalhousie, a single woman of independent means who edits the esteemed Review of Applied Ethics and presides over the titular club, witnesses fund manager Mark Fraser fall from a ...

Rather be the devil —Rankin, Ian, author.
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Some cases never leave you. For John Rebus, forty years may have passed, but the death of beautiful, promiscuous Maria Turquand still preys on his mind. Murdered in her hotel room on the night a famous rock star and his ...

Doors open —Rankin, Ian.
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Michael Mackenzie, a self-made man with too much time on his hands, devises a plan to rob the National Gallery of Scotland of some of the world's most valuable artwork thereby plunging him into the dark and dangerous wat...

The right attitude to rain —McCall Smith, Alexander, 1948-
Book On CD
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Isabel's life is thrown for a few loops when her cousin Mimi arrives from Dallas with her husband Joe. Through them, Isabel meets Tom Bruce, who is to marry someone Isabel suspects of gold-digging. Further complicating m...

Exit music —Rankin, Ian.
40 available of 42 items

The end of Detective Inspector John Rebus's career with the Scottish police force is fast approaching and his old nemesis, Ger Cafferty, is still walking the streets of Edinburgh.

Saints of the shadow bible —Rankin, Ian.
22 available of 25 items

Rebus is back on the force, albeit with a demotion and a chip on his shoulder. A 30-year-old case is being reopened, and Rebus's team from back then is suspected of foul play. With Malcolm Fox as the investigating office...

Set in darkness —Rankin, Ian.
15 available of 18 items

Funeral note —Jardine, Quintin.
9 available of 9 items

After a tip-off, a man's body is exhumed from a shallow grave in Edinburgh. Murder surely, yet he died from natural causes, so, case closed? Indeed was there ever a case? But Chief Constable Skinner and his people keep o...

The hanging garden —Rankin, Ian.
8 available of 12 items

Standing in another man's grave —Rankin, Ian.
49 available of 51 items

It's 25 years since John Rebus appeared on the scene, and 5 years since he retired. But 2012 sees his return in 'Standing in Another Man's Grave'. Not only is Rebus as stubborn and anarchic as ever, but he finds himself ...

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