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United as one —Lore, Pittacus, author.

The Mogadorian invasion has come to Earth, and they have all but won the battle for our planet. Their warships loom over our most populous cities--like New York City, Tokyo, Moscow, Beijing, and New Delhi--and no army wi...

Bloop —Lazar, Tara, author.

Bloop, the little green alien, must conquer Earth, and his first step is figuring out who's in charge. The answer? Dogs! This adorable picture book about an alien who looks like a pug is laugh-out-loud funny - and full o...

Daniel X : watch the skies —Patterson, James, 1947-

When the small community of Holliswood is thrown into chaos by the arrival of a terrifying outlaw who deliberately instigates problems for the purpose of filming his crimes for television, modern superhero Daniel X assem...

The 130-story treehouse —Griffiths, Andy, 1961- author.

SERIES - TREEHOUSE - BOOK 10 (SEQUEL TO: 117-STORY TREEHOUSE, ISBN 9781250317209) NYT bestselling team Andy Griffiths and Terry Denton invite readers to come hang out with them in their '130-Story Treehouse', the tenth b...

Spaced out —Gibbs, Stuart, 1969- author.

In 2041 twelve-year-old Dashiell Gibson is a resident of Moon Base Alpha, and at the moment he is faced with a number of problems: coping with the nasty Sjoberg twins, finding out how the commander of the base has manage...

Stanley in space —Brown, Jeff, 1926-2003.

When the residents of a far-distant planet send a message to Earth asking for someone to meet with them, the President of the United States asks Stanley Lambchop, an all-American boy, to be his ambassador.

Infinity's edge —Emerson, Kevin, author.

"After the events of the first season, Will Robinson yearns for a friend on the planet he and his family are stranded on. His wishes are granted in the form of Clare, a girl from future. Can Will help save Clare's family...

Watch out for Jabba the Hutt! —Beecroft, Simon.

Meet Anakin Skywalker and some of the good and bad characters from the Star wars universe, but especially keep an eye out for Jabba the Hutt!

Go, Stitch, go! —Kulling, Monica.

A Hawaiian girl's new dog is actually an alien, and two strange creatures have come to earth to catch him and take him to jail.

Supersonic —Zucker, Jonny.

"Max's second mission is out of this world! The DFEA tells Max that there's a vicious alien race preparing for a revenge attack on Earth, and he must blast-off into space to defend the planet. Has Max got what it takes t...

A Han & Chewie adventure —Scott, Cavan, author.

Jump inside the Millennium Falcon and help Han and Chewie as they journey across the galaxy on a simple smuggling job. But nothing is ever simple with Han Solo, and when things go wrong, Han pretends to be Jabba the Hutt...

Return to yesterday —Emerson, Kevin, author.

Thirty years in the future, Earth has become increasingly more uninhabitable, and a group of colonists-- including Will, his two teenage sisters, and their parents-- travels across the galaxy to establish a new home. But...

Thrive —Oppel, Kenneth, 1967- author.

First, the aliens' plant life bloomed, then their terrifying creatures hatched and now the aliens themselves have arrived on Earth for a final showdown. Alien-hybrids Anaya, Petra and Seth will have to push themselves fu...

Ben 10 alien force : the complete guide —West, Tracey, 1965-

The ultimate guide to Ben 10 alien force.

We're not from here —Rodkey, Geoff, 1970- author.

"The first time I heard about Planet Choom, we'd been on Mars for almost a year. But life on the Mars station was grim, and since Earth was no longer an option (we may have blown it up), it was time to find a new home. T...

Lights out —Patterson, James, 1947- author.
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"Daniel X is finally ready to take on the universe's most evil alien outlaw that killed his parents years ago, but he will need all his friends--and superpowers--to make it out alive"-- Provided by publisher.

Leonard : (my life as a cat) —Sorosiak, Carlie.

The cat that Olive rescues from a flood has a secret: he's not really a cat at all, but an alien who crashed to Earth on a beam of light. The cat, whom Olive names Leonard, was prepared to visit the planet as a human--bu...

Mars needs moms! —Breathed, Berke.

When a disgruntled boy sees his mother being kidnapped by Martians, he realizes he loves her and will go to any lengths to protect her.

Anakin in action! —Beecroft, Simon.

Join Anakin Skywalker and his comrades as they perform a daring rescue.

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