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Choose kindness —Ohi, Ruth, author, illustrator.

"Bunny is having a tough morning, but manages to brighten up and get out the door. Pretty soon Bunny comes across Beetle, who needs a little cheering too. Bunny can do that! Bunny and Beetle band together and they come a...

Cranky right now —Berry, Julie, 1974- author.

"Dealing with emotions can be hard. Cranky Right Now is a fun and funny ride through the ups and downs of being cranky, helping kids process difficult feelings, frustrating relationships, and things that just make them m...

Why is baby grumpy? —Spiotto, Joey, author, artist.

Breakout fan favorite Grumpy Unicorn is BACK in his first ever board book, full of hilariously cute art and clever rhymes young readers will love.

Grumpy monkey party time! —Lang, Suzanne, author.

Have you ever been a little anxious about going to a party? Jim Panzee feels that. Porcupine is having a big party, and according to Jim's best friend Norman, there will be--gulp--dancing. Jim can DEFINITELY not dance. W...

Nobody hugs a cactus —Goodrich, Carter, author, illustrator.

Hank, a cactus who is as prickly on the inside as he is on the outside, decides he wants a hug.

Grumpy Monkey's little book of grumpiness —Lang, Suzanne.

In this call-and-response board book Jim Panzee decides that all he really needs is a friend.

Pete the cat and his magic sunglasses —Dean, James, 1957- author.
Book + Audio
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In this hardcover picture book, Pete the Cat wakes up feeling grumpy-nothing seems to be going his way. But with the help of some magic sunglasses, Pete learns that a good mood has been inside him all along.

Nobody hugs a cactus —Goodrich, Carter, author, illustrator.
Book + Audio
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Hank is the prickliest cactus in the entire world. He sits in a pot in a window that faces the empty desert, which is just how he likes it. So, when all manner of creatures-from tumbleweed to lizard to owl-come to distur...

Grumpy Goat —Helquist, Brett.

Goat is the grumpiest animal at Sunny Acres farm until he remembers that there is more to life than eating and being alone.

Grumpy monkey : up all night —Lang, Suzanne, author.

"Have you ever stayed up way past your bedtime? Jim Panzee certainly has. Jim is going to a slumber party and there's LOTS to do. Jim plans on bobbing for mangoes, going termite fishing, and of course staying UP ALL NIGH...

The bad mood and the stick —Snicket, Lemony, author.
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New York Times bestselling author Lemony Snicket sheds light on the way bad moods come and go. Once there was a bad mood and a stick. The stick appeared when a tree dropped it. Where did the bad mood come from? Who picke...

Amelia Bedelia chalks one up —Parish, Herman, author.

Amelia Bedelia suggests that her Mom, who is feeling blue, go on a play date while Amelia Bedelia is doing the same, and then enlists her friends to help make chalk drawings on the house, sidewalk, and more to brighten M...

Get your grumps out —Lang, Suzanne, author.

Grumpy Jim Panzee decides that it is time for a new Jim, so he enlists his friends to help him get mad so he can stomp all his grumps out, and become a new Jim for the new year.

Grumpy Tortoise —Buxton, Michael (Artist), author, illustrator.

Tortoise wakes up feeling grumpy, but as he spends time with friends doing things he enjoys, he feels better and better.

Grumpy monkey : oh, no! Christmas —Lang, Suzanne, author.

The jungle animals try to share their excitement over Christmas with Jim Panzee, but he feels too grumpy to appreciate their efforts.

Grumpy monkey —Lang, Suzanne, author.

Jim Panzee wakes up in a bad mood one beautiful day, but he keeps denying he is grumpy even as his friends give advice for feeling better.

Grandpa grumps —Moore, Katrina, author.

When Daisy's grandfather, or Yeh-Yeh, visits from China, she does everything she can think of to make him smile and finally finds a way.

The bad mood and the stick —Snicket, Lemony, author.

Curly's bad mood travels from person to person, unexpectedly leaving opportunities for forgiveness, laughter, and love in its wake.

Isle of you —LaRochelle, David, author.
Book + Audio
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Some days are harder to get through than others, but when you're sad, or lonely, or angry, it helps to remember these words: the Isle of You. Take a moment to shake off your worries, then set sail to a land where your dr...

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