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Shelly struggles to shine —Rosewater, Kit, author.

Now an official junior roller derby team, members of the Austin Derby Daredevils are working on their unique abilities but Shelly struggles to identify what makes her shine on the track.

Kenzie kickstarts a team —Rosewater, Kit, author.

Fifth-grade best friends Kenzie "Kenzilla" Ellington and Shelly "Bomb Shell" Baum dream of becoming roller derby superstars one day, but when a junior league forms and they must recruit teammates, will their friendship s...

Daredevil days —McGuire, Molly.

After finding out that both their grandmother and Jeremy Johnson's grandma used to be skating champs, Phineas and Ferb build an awesome rink right in their backyard, and they set up a contest to see which granny can roll...

The Derby Daredevils : Kenzie Kickstarts a Team : (The Derby Daredevils Book #1) —Rosewater, Kit, author.

"A highly illustrated middle-grade series that celebrates new friendships, first crushes, and getting out of your comfort zone Ever since they can remember, fifth-graders Kenzie (aka Kenzilla) and Shelly (aka Bomb Shell)...

Tomoko takes the lead —Rosewater, Kit, author.

When they get lost in a strange city during roller derby camp, the Daredevils lose their confidence and their ability to work as a team, but shy Tomoko's wilderness skills and navigational know-how help them escape the u...

Hell's belles —Sparks, Megan.

"Annie Turner can't wait for her first American Halloween, when the Liberty Belles will be taking ontheir arch-rivals, the High Rollers, in a special costumed exhibition bout. But when gorgeous Tyler asks Annie to the H...

Roller girl —Jamieson, Victoria, author.
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For most of her twelve years, Astrid has done everything with her best friend Nicole. But after Astrid falls in love with roller derby and signs up for derby camp, Nicole decides to go to dance camp instead. And so begin...

Roller girls. Falling hard —Sparks, Megan, author.

When Annie moves from London to small town Illinois, she struggles to fit in until she joins the roller derby team.

Jammer star —Hargreaves, Kate, author.

"In this high-interest sports novel for young readers, Robin desperately wants to be the MVP of her roller derby team."-- Provided by publisher.