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9 Results
Empire and honor —Griffin, W. E. B.
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In the aftermath of the surrenders of Germany and Japan in October 1945, Cletus Frade and his colleagues in the OSS are given the life-threatening task of maintaining security during a covert U.S. deal with Germany for i...

An impeccable spy : Richard Sorge, Stalin's master agent —Matthews, Owen.
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The thrilling true story of Richard Sorge and#x2013; the man John le Carré called 'the spy to end spies', and whose actions turned the tide of the Second World War. Richard Sorge was a man with two homelands. Born of a ...

Bomb the race to build and steal the world's most dangerous weapon —Sheinkin, Steve.
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Recounts the scientific discoveries that enabled atom splitting, the military intelligence operations that occurred in rival countries, and the work of brilliant scientists hidden at Los Alamos.

Conspiracy of one Tyler Kent's secret plot against FDR, Churchill, and the Allied war effort —Rand, Peter, 1942-

Officers from the U.S. Embassy, Scotland Yard, and MI5 broke into Tyler Kent's bedroom. They found the suave young American code clerk beside his unmade bed, wearing striped pajama bottoms. His mistress was wearing the m...