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Midnight at Marble Arch : a Charlotte and Thomas Pitt novel —Perry, Anne.
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The horrifying rape and apparent suicide of Catherine Quixwood, wife of a wealthy merchant banker, falls outside the new jurisdiction of Special Branch head Thomas Pitt, but so pervasively offensive are the rumors about ...

Southampton Row —Perry, Anne.

A Thomas and Charlotte Pitt novel. With a general election fast approaching, Thomas Pitt finds himself involved in a murder investigation. The victim is a clairvoyant, and the wife of the politician to whom Pitt has give...

Long Spoon Lane : a novel —Perry, Anne.

Victorian London is besieged by anarchists and a young nobleman has been shot. Was his death accidental or murder? Was he a hostage of the anarchists or one of their number?

Treachery at Lancaster Gate —Perry, Anne, author.
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"In this, the thirty-first installment of the New York Times bestselling Charlotte and Thomas Pitt mystery series, Commander Thomas Pitt, head of Special Branch, is called to the scene of a brutal explosion in the heart ...

Blindman's bluff —Kellerman, Faye.
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Blindsided by a brutal multiple murder in this twisting tale of suspense, Faye Kellerman's eighteenth novel regarding investigative duo Peter Decker and Rina Lazarus, has Rina revealing her coveted challah recipe.

Bethlehem Road —Perry, Anne, 1938-1998.
Large Print
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"In the few minutes it takes to cross Westminster Bridge, Sir Lockwood Hamilton has his throat slit and is tied securely to the lamppost with his evening scarf. The killer then vanishes without being seen. Inspector Thom...

Triple jeopardy —Perry, Anne.
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"Daniel Pitt, along with his parents, Charlotte and Thomas, is delighted that his sister Jemima has returned to London from the States for a visit. But it's not on the happiest of terms, since a violent theft just before...

Pentecost Alley —Perry, Anne.
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Thomas Pitt is relieved when a pimp confesses to the brutal slaying of a prostitute, but after the man is executed, another murder just like the first occurs.

Stone kiss —Kellerman, Faye.
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When a relative of LAPD Lieutenant Peter Decker is murdered in New York, he and his wife Rina Lazarus go to help with the investigation and quickly find themselves drawn into a maze of deceit and danger in the Hasidic co...

Dorchester Terrace : a Charlotte and Thomas Pitt novel —Perry, Anne.

Thomas and Charlotte Pitt, the husband-and-wife team, must race to find a traitor within the Special Branch itself before dangerous government secrets start a war, the likes of which Europe has never seen.

Farriers' lane —Perry, Anne.
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Inspector Thomas Pitt and his wife are enjoying an evening at the theater when Judge Stafford is murdered in a box near theirs.

Treason at Lisson Grove a Charlotte and Thomas Pitt novel —Perry, Anne.
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Special Branch officer, Thomas Pitt tracks a vital informer's murderer to St. Almo on the French coast. Meanwhile Charlotte Pitt, Thomas's wife, accompanies the Pitt's supervisor, Victor Narraway, to Dublin to invesitgat...

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