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Catch Me When I Fall


Be careful who you trust. It just might be the death of you... Holly Krauss lives in the fast lane. A successful young businesswoman with a stable home life, she is loved and admired by all who meet her. But that's only one side of Holly. The other sees her take regular walks on the wild side, where she makes ever-more-reckless mistakes. And when those mistakes start mounting, the two sides of Holly blur, and her life spins out of control. She thinks she's being stalked, someone is demanding money from her, threats lurk around every corner—and those closest to Holly are running out of patience. But is she alone responsible for what's happening? Are her fears just the paranoia of an illness or intimations of very real danger? And if she can no longer rely on her own judgment, who can she trust to catch her when she falls?

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Subjects: Mystery & Detective -- FICTION

Other Authors: 3M Company


  • 352 pages.
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