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A refugee's journey from the Democratic Republic of the Congo


Eight-year-old Etienne and his family live in The Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). Kidnapped by a rebel army and forced to be a child soldier, Etienne finally escapes and is sent to a camp for freed child soldiers. He is reunited with his family who then flee the country, arriving as refugees in Canada. Interspersed with facts about the DRC and its people, this narrative tells a story common to many refugees fleeing the country. Readers will learn about the experiences of child soldiers and how they can help refugees in their communities and around the world who are struggling to find permanent homes.

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Series: Leaving my homeland



  • 9780778731566
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  • 077873126X

Description: 32 pages : illustrations (chiefly colour), colour maps ; 27 cm.


  • Canadiana.
  • Includes bibliographical references and index.


  • Leaving the Democratic Republic of the Congo
  • My homeland, the DRC
  • Etienne's story : my life before the conflict
  • A violent history
  • Etienne's story : we leave Lubumbashi
  • Surviving during conflict
  • Etienne's story : kidnapped
  • Child soldiers
  • Etienne's story : the refugee camp
  • Where to go?
  • Etienne's story : my new home in Canada
  • The struggle continues
  • You can help!
  • Glossary
  • Learning more
  • Index and about the author.

LCCN: 2016054842

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