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Brockmann, Suzanne — Suzanne Brockmann's Military Romances make a good suggestion for readers of Roberts's Romantic Suspense. Fans will appreciate Brockmann's bad boy heroes, the insider military details, the richly developed Romance, and the fast-paced action-filled story. -- Katherine Johnson
Hooper, Kay — Kay Hooper often explores paranormal themes, and those books, as well as her other Romantic Suspense titles, may make good suggestions for Roberts fans. As in Roberts' titles, Hooper combines passionate Romance, suspenseful and engrossing storylines, and sympathetic characters to create satisfying stories. -- Krista Biggs
Goudge, Eileen — Nora Roberts's romantic suspense novels are a good match for Eileen Goudge's similar romantic suspense novels: both feature compelling pace and edgy, dramatic plots. -- Rebecca Vnuk
Lowell, Elizabeth, 1944- — Nora Roberts and Elizabeth Lowell both write contemporary tales of Romance and Suspense that include relationships among lovers, families, and friends; passionate love affairs; and detailed and interesting backgrounds. Strong, passionate heroines fight for the men they love, and their engrossing stories satisfy a broad audience of readers. -- Ellen Guerci
Stuart, Anne (Anne Kristine) — Nora Roberts and Anne Stuart write darkly suspenseful, often erotically passionate tales of adventure that make good use of natural surroundings, providing layers of depth and emotional intensity. They specialize in redeeming a rogue through his interactions with a resourceful and courageous but out-of-her-depth heroine faced with endangerment and death. -- Gillian Speace
Deveraux, Jude — Both Jude Deveraux and Nora Roberts write contemporary romances sprinkled with paranormal elements and served with a side of humor. -- Shauna Griffin
Richards, Emilie, 1948- — Emilie Richards and Nora Roberts write contemporary romances that are by turns heartwarming and suspenseful. Their complex female protagonists encounter adventure and love as part of their unusually interesting lives. -- Mike Nilsson
Anderson, Catherine (Adeline Catherine) — Familial ties and friendship are strong elements that Nora Roberts and Catherine Anderson share in their romances. Although Roberts tends towards trilogies and Anderson towards longer series, love bonds of all sorts -- romantic, sibling, parental, friend -- are weaved throughout each authors' work. -- Christyna Hunter
Adler, Elizabeth (Elizabeth A.) — Folks who like Roberts's good old fashioned romantic suspense sprinkled with a dash of flash should also try Elizabeth Adler. Both authors create intricately plotted stories, with intriguing back stories for the numerous characters. -- Krista Biggs
Kantra, Virginia — Nora Roberts and Virginia Kantra both write in a range of Romance genres: contemporary, romantic suspense, and even paranormal. They often set their stories in small towns, featuring entire families of close-knit siblings who band together against the outside world, and in general their characters, plotlines, tone, and pacing appeal to similar reading tastes and genre preferences. -- Katherine Johnson
Brown, Sandra, 1948- — Readers should not forget Sandra Brown as a possibility when they have read all of Nora Roberts. Although her books are more explicitly violent, they present the classic independent woman in a dangerous situation, strong romantic themes, and secrets to be uncovered. -- Krista Biggs
Michaels, Fern — Fern Michaels addresses many of the same issues which readers enjoy in the work of Nora Roberts. Themes of abandonment, betrayal, grief and the healing power of love prevail in her stories, and many offer her female protagonists a second chance in life and career as well. -- Krista Biggs

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