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Baldacci, David — Fast paced thrillers rife with suspense and power-hungry characters, the novels of Stuart Woods and David Baldacci use themes of politics, corporate secrets, and espionage to advance their breakneck plots. -- Tara Bannon Williamson
Archer, Jeffrey, 1940- — Like Woods, Jeffrey Archer has written a diverse range of Thrillers from the serious to the commercial, relating fascinating tales and peopled with likable characters who come to a satisfying end. International intrigue and double-dealing fill his page-turning novels, but he also includes a glimpse of the rich and powerful, as does Woods. -- Krista Biggs
Coben, Harlan, 1962- — Suspense fans who enjoy Stuart Woods' breakneck pacing and twisting plots may want to give Harlan Coben's suspense novels a try. Readers who enjoy the speedy pacing and wise-acre characters of Woods' two mystery series will find the same elements in Coben's tightly plotted, page-turning Myron Bolitar mysteries. -- Shauna Griffin
Grisham, John — Known for his provocative stories and relentless pacing, John Grisham has much to offer Stuart Woods fans. While there are suspense, action, and plot twists in his novels, there's less sex and violence than one finds in Woods. Readers who won't miss this might find Grisham a good choice. -- Victoria Caplinger
DeMille, Nelson — Nelson DeMille and Stuart Woods write page-turning thrillers with multiple plots and sub-plots. Using vivid, cinematic imagery, both authors write about realistic conflicts against backdrops such as the justice system or the political scene. Plot twists and cunning intrigues abound in their novels. -- Jessica Zellers
Cannell, Stephen J. — Screenwriter Stephen J. Cannell's novels possess a similar cinematic appeal as those of Woods -- fast pacing, characters who could be on the screen, action scenes, and revenge. While the plots may be more complex than those of Woods, the characters -- particularly series character LA police detective Shane Scully -- will certainly appeal. -- Krista Biggs
Sanders, Lawrence, 1920-1998 — Like Woods, Lawrence Sanders wrote a range of titles, from the serious to the more commercial. Woods' and Sanders' works are both characterized by intricate plots, filled with twists and betrayals, series and non-series characters, and provocative story lines. -- Krista Biggs
Patterson, James, 1947- — Not all of James Patterson's titles are obvious matches for a Woods fan, unless the reader does not mind more graphic violence and sex. However, the Women's Murder Club series offers several appeal similarities: fast-pacing, details of wealthy lifestyles, series characters, and complicated plots. These stories generally feature fewer gory details, and the breezy pace should certainly appeal. -- Krista Biggs
Sheldon, Sidney — Another author of intricate, page turning, international Thrillers is Sidney Sheldon, who also filled his adventures with beautiful people placed in difficult situations. Revenge figures prominently, and it is not always achieved by legal means, another characteristic shared by Woods' novels. -- Krista Biggs
Margolin, Phillip — These authors' works are Suspenseful and Fast-paced, and they share: the genre 'Thrillers and suspense' and the subjects 'Lawyers', 'Murder', and 'Murder investigation'.
Zindel, Paul — These authors' works are Suspenseful, Compelling, and Fast-paced, and they share: the genre 'Thrillers and suspense' and the subjects 'New York City' and 'Murder investigation'.
Harris, Robert, 1957- — These authors' works are Suspenseful, Compelling, and Fast-paced, and they share: the genre 'Thrillers and suspense' and the subject 'Lawyers'.

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