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The Perfect Kiss


He would give his own life to save her. That's just what she feared. When Anya Delorian reemerged after a ten-year absence from the modeling scene, she looked as if she hadn't aged a day. All it took was one glimpse of her timeless beauty to convince CEO Zach Christianson that she should be the face for his company's newest perfume. Anya was just as captivated by Zach. She knew that she could lose herself forever in his emerald eyes, but that wouldn't be safe for her or him. Unable to let go of the elusive Anya, Zach follows her to her secluded estate. As he ventures ever-deeper into her world, Zach discovers that Anya's allure has a dark edge darker than he could ever have imagined. Anya begs Zach to leave when a mysterious man from her past threatens to kill them both, but Zach refuses to leave the woman he loves to face this monster alone. Previously published.

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