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Last song sung


"On February 28, 1965, a young singer named Ellie Foster steps into the alley behind The Depression, a Calgary folk club where she shares the bill with Joni Anderson, who would later become famous as Joni Mitchell. During a cigarette break in a back alley, Ellie is forced into a car, and the musicians with her are shot and killed. The investigation that follows turns up no sign of the kidnappers, and Ellie Foster is never seen again. Now, more than fifty years after the singer's disappearance, Ellie's granddaughter approaches Cullen and Cobb to try to find out what happened to her grandmother. The search for the truth about Ellie Foster takes the two investigators to Saskatoon, Ottawa, Vancouver, and New York. They find themselves investigating a failed political assassination and discover that there are those, even a half century later, who will stop at nothing to ensure that certain secrets remain untold."-- Provided by publisher.