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A German requiem


In the bitter winter of 1947 the Russian Zone is closing ever more tightly around Berlinches So when an enigmatic Russian colonel asks Bernie Gunther to go to Vienna, where his ex-Kripo colleague Emil Becker faces a murder charge, Bernie doesn't hesitate for long. Despite an unsavory past, Gunther is convinced that the shooting of an American Nazi-hunter is one crime Becker didn't commit. But Vienna is not the peaceful haven Bernie expects it to be. Communism is the new enemy, and with the Nuremberg trials over, some strange alliances are being forged against the Red Menace-alignments that make many wartime atrocities look lily-white by comparison.

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ISBN: 9780241976913

Description: 311 pages ; 20 cm.

Notes: First published by Viking, 1991. Published in Penguin Books, 1992. Reissued in this edition, 2015.

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