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Everything awesome about dinosaurs and other prehistoric beasts!


Discover the must-have book for dinosaur enthusiasts, a madcap field guide full of facts and humour, and learn everything you ever wanted to know about prehistoric beasts!

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Series: Everything awesome book



  • 9781338359725
  • 133835972X

Description: 123 pages : colour illustrations ; 27 cm.

Other Title: Dinosaurs and other prehistoric beasts!

Notes: Includes bibliographical references.


  • What is a dinosaur?!
  • A brief history of Earth!
  • The Precambrian era
  • Early signs of life
  • The Paleozoic era
  • The Permian period
  • The great Permian extinction!
  • The Mesozoic era
  • The Triassic period
  • The Jurassic period
  • The Cretaceous period
  • Meet the dinos!
  • Dino dinner
  • Dinosaur traits
  • Giant dinos!
  • The dino awards
  • Tyrannosaurus rex!
  • Where did they go?
  • Extinction
  • A few kinda weird dino extinction theories
  • Hunting for bones
  • Paleontologists
  • More prehistoric beasts!
  • Let's draw dinosaurs!
  • Dino field guide
  • Prehistoric timeline
  • Dino jokes
  • Resources.

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